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Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff
. Name Position Specialties
Distinguished Chair Professor Economic Theory
Distinguished Chair Professor Money/Macroeconomics
Distinguished Chair Professor Health/Spatial Economics
Distinguished Chair Professor Growth/Development Economics
Ching-Chong Lai Distinguished Chair Professor Macroeconomics
Ching-Chong Lai Distinguished Chair Professor Monetary Economics
Ching-Chong Lai Distinguished Chair Professor International Finanal
Vey Wang Professor Microeconomics
Vey Wang Professor Mathematics for Economics
Shih-Wen Hu Professor Industrial Economics
Shih-Wen Hu Professor Microeconomic Theory
Shih-Wen Hu Professor International Finance
Chih-Huan Chen Professor Macroeconomics
Chih-Huan Chen Professor Monetory Theory and Policy
Chih-Huan Chen Professor Game Theory and Applications
Chih-Huan Chen Professor Financial Markets and Institutions
Zong-Shin Liu Professor Macroeconomics
Zong-Shin Liu Professor International Finance
Ho-Don Yan Professor Entrepreneurship
Ho-Don Yan Professor International Economics
CHEN, KIN-FOLK Professor Rank Technical Expert
Chi-Chur Chao Visiting Professor International Trade
Chi-Chur Chao Visiting Professor Economic Development
Wen-Chuan Li Associate Professor Public Economics
Wen-Chuan Li Associate Professor Law and Economics
Chi-Ta Hsu Associate Professor Macroeconomics
Yu-Chen Kuo Associate Professor Labor Economics
Yu-Chen Kuo Associate Professor Education Economics
Yu-Chen Kuo Associate Professor Population Economics
Shan-Yu Chen Associate Professor Microeconomics
Chyong-Ling Chen Associate Professor Econometrics
Chyong-Ling Chen Associate Professor Coperate Finance
Chyong-Ling Chen Associate Professor Quality Management
Ter-Chao Peng Associate Professor Applied Microeconomics
Chi-Chu Chou Associate Professor Psychodrama
Chi-Chu Chou Associate Professor Applied Psychology
Chi-Chu Chou Associate Professor Economic Growth and Development
Chi-Chu Chou Associate Professor Applying Theatrical Approach to Teaching Business and Economics Courses
Shui-Fu Tsai Associate Professor FINANCE
Chih-chuan, yeh Chih-chuan Associate Professor Finance
Bao-Tsuen Jeng Associate Professor Macroeconomics
Bao-Tsuen Jeng Associate Professor Institutional Economics
Bao-Tsuen Jeng Associate Professor The History of Economic Theory
Chi-Yin Wu Assistant Professor Applied Microeconomics
Chi-Yin Wu Assistant Professor Industrial Organization
Yi-Yi Chen Assistant Professor Microeconomics
Yi-Yi Chen Assistant Professor Public Economics
Yi-Yi Chen Assistant Professor Experimental Economics
Kuo-Hsuan Chin Assistant Professor Macroeconomics
Kuo-Hsuan Chin Assistant Professor Bayesian Macroeconometrics
Tsung-Chih Lai Assistant Professor Income Mobility
Tsung-Chih Lai Assistant Professor Causal Inference
Tsung-Chih Lai Assistant Professor Microeconometrics
Tsung-Chih Lai Assistant Professor Nonparametric Econometrics
Yu-Ning Chien Assistant Professor
Yu-Ning Chien Assistant Professor
Yu-Ning Chien Assistant Professor
Yu-Ning Chien Assistant Professor
Feng-Long Tsay Assistant Professor Rank Technical Expert International Financial Market
Instructor Criminal Law
Instructor Constitution
Instructor Administrative Law
Instructor Code of Criminal Procedure
Instructor Law relating to compulsory execution